Lebkuchen saison start September 2024 | GRATIS LIEFERUNG AT über 50€ / DE über 75€


1. What are your unique selling points?
a. Exclusive title for delivering Lebkuchen to the royal court of Vienna
b. Special praline-cake texture, based on 300-year-old recipes
c. Organic ingredients with no preservatives allowing products to stay fresh for a year

The claim to the highest quality and exquisite taste has helped establish Metzger as an imperial and royal court deliverer. As a result, the Metzger family has shaped the Viennese Lebkuchen like no other. The imperial history of Vienna in the center of the Habsburg Empire is reflected in our sweets. That's why Metzger stands for the “Viennese” Lebkuchen.

2. Quick Background: Over the centuries, our Lebkuchen has spoiled emperors and kings, cardinals and bishops, nobility and connoisseurs alike.  Metzger is a Viennese 330 year old heritage brand with a history of opulence, serving the court of the Habsburg-monarchy in Vienna  (KuK – Hoflieferant akin to her majesty's suppliers).  

Our range has evolved from ordinary Lebkuchen to exquisite, finely balanced blends of chocolate, Lebkuchen, marzipan, nougat and jams. The Lebkuchen pralines echo this transition with spiced layers of Lebkuchen, marzipan, nuts and candied fruit coated with the highest quality chocolate, characterising the assortment that served the sophisticated taste at the Viennese court.

3. Who owns Metzger? Owned by the grandson of the Metzger family!

4. Preservatives? There are no artificial preservatives in the products, the honey in the products acts as a natural preservative. Our Lebkuchen is made exclusively from natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to deliver the best taste over the decades.

5. Milk, Eggs, Nuts? Rye/Wheat, nuts (pistachio, hazelnuts, almonds), milk, egg, sulphur dioxide/sulfites (fruit bread only). All our products contain nuts or nut traces. Only Hazelnut kisses and Elisen contain egg and only milk chocolate items contain milk. Dark chocolate has no milk.

6. How do I keep the products fresh? It’s best to store the products in a cool dry place. We recommend a tin to keep them at their best. You can buy some of our nice Christmas ones here!

7. Where are the products produced? They are produced in Austria based on 300-year-old recipes.

8. Are your products handmade? Yes, all our products our uniquely handcrafted. The pralines contain thin wafers of spiced Lebkuchen, interlaced with the finest flavours of marzipan, nut or fruit fillings to spoil royalty and connoisseurs, alike.

9. How is the dough made? The raw dough is sweetened with the finest bee honey, and rests for up to a year in the raw state.

10. The product is quite expensive? The product is handmade with the highest quality ingredients and royal recipes, making it exclusive. We recommend 1st time buyers to buy a few of gold 10 piece trays which start at £12.50 or the 6 piece sticks. They give a great intro to the product!

11. Is there any alcohol in the product? Yes, most of our products contain trace amounts of alcohol for flavouring, with the exception of nut rum that contains a bit more.

12. Do all your products contain marzipan? Half of our products contain marzipan or some mix of marzipan with orange, pistachio, etc.