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Wiener Lebkuchen TWS Wien 2019

Gingerbread  is a must , especially in the run-up to Christmas ! The biscuits made from honey and spices never taste better than now. That's what Lukas Linsbichler, who runs the traditional "Metzger & Söhne" company, thought - and this year is getting closer to the customers. After the business of the former imperial court supplier on Stephansplatz disappeared in 2013 after a very long time , the original "Wiener Lebkuchen " is back in the city this year.         

A pop-up has opened on Mariahilfer Straße 101, which is a true " winter garden " for gingerbread lovers . Here you can taste the extensive product range and discover new recipes.  

The young company boss comes from the Metzger family on his mother's side and does not want to let the tradition of hand-made gingerbread , some of which are filled and covered with chocolate, die out. "We still take a lot of time for our handmade products and work according to old recipes." 

The KURIER was allowed to look over the shoulders of the master bakers for our X-mas magazine "leisure". The magazine will be available in stores from December 5th.